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Earn with love. Stake ETH with fixed income, trade and hold SNOTY token, or use the affiliate program. All for you, and for community.

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About Technology

Advanced AI Trading Technologies Available Now.

The future of passive income is available now. Introducing Serenity Bot, an advanced AI trading technology that executes trades seamlessly without your constant attention. Investments have never been so simple and comfortable, creating a stable daily income. The technology is fully secure, autonomous, and transparent, built on the smart contract of the Ethereum.

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Our Features

The Best In The Return On Investment Industry.

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Easy To Start

Connect your wallet (MetaMask, Trastwalet or any other). Make your first comfortable deposit in ETH coin, and get access to a decentralized platform where you can watch the growth of your capital and manage your investments.

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Passive Income

A unique opportunity to profit daily. Relax and focus on your favorite activities, while Serenity Bot does all the work for you. Watch your deposit grow daily according to the decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum.

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Our dapp provides full access to your investments. All transactions are recorded on the Binance blockchain. At any moment, you have full information about your investments, available and fixed profits. All data is updated in real-time.

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We never request any personal information. No credit card, email, or phone number is required for registration. All you need is a WEB3 wallet. The project is fully autonomous and built on a smart contract, ensuring the highest security standards.


The project is 100% decentralized.

No personal information, credit card, phone number, or email is required for registration.

Sign up and log in using your WEB3 wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, or any).


The minimum and maximum deposit are calculated based on the smart contract's transaction volume and currently stand at:

Min: 0.01 ETH Max: 300 ETH


Your investment generates a daily profit of 2.5%, available for withdrawal at any time. It's recommended to reinvest some profits for optimal performance and maximum returns.


Profits can be withdrawn anytime, without restrictions, directly to your WEB3 wallet with blockchain recording.

Referral Program

Earn bonuses up to 14% on 3 levels (10% - 3% - 1%) for users invited through your link. Automatic payouts occur upon user registration. To activate the referral program, make a deposit and obtain the link in the app.


SNOTY token trading charges a 6% commission for buying and selling, allocating 4% to marketing and 2% to replenishing the liquidity pool

Register now and get the opportunity to be an investor and partner in our AI technologies, earning together as one team.

We trade everywhere

Main exchanges where Serenity Bot trades

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Now we are working in experimental mode, in 2024 we will launch even more advanced trading algorithms




AI Trade platform

Launch of a working version of our trading platform with artificial intelligence



Utility Token

Launching our own token that will be used in our ecosystem along with ETH



Terminal with AI

Trading terminal with AI that gives real-time trading analysis.



Listing on CEX

Our token will be listed on leading crypto exchanges

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staking ETH

Frequently Asked Question(s) FAQ

The right way to help investors is by integrating all reward programs into the platform

Serenity Bot is a advanced decentralized application (dApp) built on the Ethereum for AI trading and earn returns over time.

To get started, you simply invest your ETH through the Serenity BOT platform. Your investment will then be utilized in various exchanges to generate returns throught AI Trading. Over time, you'll accumulate earnings based on the performance of these strategies.

Yes, security is our top priority. We implement state-of-the-art security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure the safety of your investments and personal information.

Min 0.01 max no limits

Returns are generated through a combination of strategic investments And AI Trading.

You can withdraw your actives any time you like. Please, take into consideration the ETH network fee.

Serenity Bot provides an opportunity for each participant to earn extra income with our referral program. Share your referral link with your friends and get an additional 10%, 3%, 1% referral rewards from the stakes of invited users. You can find your referral link and additional information about each level in the «Referral Rewards» section.For example:If a user follows your referral link and stake 10 ETH, you will instantly receive 1 ETH to your wallet, since this user will be a 1-lvl referralIf this user invites his friend who stake 10 ETH, you will receive 0.3 ETH, since he will be a 2-lvl referral, and 0.1 ETH 3-lvl referral.